University of St. Cyril and Methodius (Slovakia)

The University of St.Cyril and Methodius (UCM) in Trnava consists of three faculties: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Mass Media Communications.

CERYS - Centre for European and Regional Youth Studies:

The Centre provides following types of sociological analysis and information for professionals as well as students:

  1. European Youth Policy
  2. Civil youth policy in Europe
  3. Documentation centre for teaching manuals and projects of youth work
  4. Sociological surveys of political participation and multiculturalism of youth

Team Leader Prof. Ladislav Macháček, Ph.D. Department of Political Sciences at the Faculty of Arts University of St. Cyril and Methodius (UCM) in Trnava, Slovakia. Currently Prof. Machacek is a director of Centre for European and Regional Youth Studies at the Philosophical Faculty (CERYS) at the UCM in Trnava. His fields of research include: youth sociology, the state youth policy and youth work in Europe, youth movements in Slovakia, youth unemployment, the political participation and youth multiculturalism.

Prof. Ladislav Macháček, Ph.D.
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