Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Lublin (Poland)

The Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (MCSU) is a public higher education institution, which has acted consistently since 1944 for the development and dissemination of knowledge. The research conducted in numerous fields has contributed significantly to the development of science and the results have been repeatedly used in practice. It is thanks to its over sixty-year-long efforts that Maria Curie-Skłodowska University has won recognition both at home and abroad, and has also become the workplace of superbly educated academic staff and a school for highly qualified specialists in many fields.

Team Leader Dr hab. Konrad Zieliński is a Professor at the Maria Curie Sklodowska University (Faculty of Political Science- Department of Ethnic Studies), where he teaches modern Jewish history and culture. He also deals with migrations, ethnic relations, history and culture of Jews in Russia and USSR. He also run course on Genocide in the Twentieth Century. His current research investigates intra- and interethnic relations; identity formation; the migration of the Polish and non-Polish population in the lands of the former Russian empire and the Soviet Union, Polish-Jewish relationships. Konrad Zieliński is a member of the Polish Association of Jewish Studies and European Association for Jewish Studies.

His recent international research projects include:

  • 2001-2004: U.K. AHRB project ‘Population Displacement, State Building and Social Identity in the Lands of the Former Russian Empire, 1918-1930′, University of Manchester (research assistant);
  • 2006: project ‘Jews in the Baltic States’, Centre for East European Jewish Studies, Vilnius, Lithuania; within the project
  • ‘Politics of the Polish State towards the Jewish Emigrants, Repatriates and Refugees from Russia’, (research fellow):
  • 2006: U.K. AHRB project ‘Population Displacements, State Practice and Social Exclusion in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1930-1945′, University of Manchester and Nottingham University (research associate)

Magdalena Cześniak-Zielińska, Polish Team member. Ph.D. student at the Maria Curie Sklodowski University in Lublin (UMCS) where she prepares doctoral dissertation entitled ‘The Political Inspirations in the Art of the Krakow Group (1932-1937)”. She teaches public administration and politics at the Zamość State Academy (PWSZ).

Dr hab. Konrad Zieliński

Magdalena Cześniak-Zielińska